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Thank you for volunteering with your organization’s United Way Regina campaign! You are making a tremendous difference in the lives of people right here in Regina.

This Resource Centre provides information to help Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECCs) coordinate a fun, educational and successful Workplace Campaign. Included are tips, best practices, forms, posters, videos and more. To access these resources, click on the links below.

  Training Resources
ECC Guidebook A guide with best practices, ideas and advice to help run a fun, educational, successful workplace campaign.
Special Events Guide - updated March 28, 2019 A guide with best practices, ideas and advice to help make your special events  a success.
ePledge Guide - updated Jan 27, 2020 A guide to assist you in setting up and running an effective ePledge campaign.

Campaign Plan Template

Campaign Plan Checklist

A campaign plan template to assist you in laying out the details (i.e timeframes, goals,  opportunities, challenges, special events).
A Special Events Planner is also included.
Tax Credits for Charitable Donations Curious as to how much your donation saves you in taxes? Look no further; included are details for a few key donations amounts and links to CRA’s site for further information on charitable tax deductions.
Event Tracker
Sample template to help track funds raised through special events.
  Marketing & Communication Materials

2019 Story Emily post Card

2019 Giving Amounts post Card

2019 Campaign Poster

2018 Campaign Poster

Priority Area Post Card

Story Rose Post Card

Campaign Thermometer - General

Campaign Thermometer - SYLL Theme

211 poster 8.5x11

211 poster 11x17.pdf

211 poster_v2 11x17.pdf

211 poster-v2 8.5x11.pdf

211 Supports Poster 11x17.pdf

211 Supports Poster 8.5x11.pdf

Here is a variety of key communications materials to help your successful campaign.
Posters, recipient & donor stories, and campaign thermometers; all are useful for communicating the purpose of your campaign and the impact of donations to United Way Regina.
Also included is information about 211 Saskatchewan: a joint initiative between United Way Regina and United Way Saskatoon and Area, 211 Saskatchewan connects people with the services they need when they need them. Over 5,000 services, translated into over 170 languages (including 17 Indigenous languages), and available via text, phone, online chat, or web searching.

2019 Campaign Video-Emily Story

Show Your Local Love Video

The 2019 video shares the story of Emily who was on the verge of dropping out before connecting with a program supported by United Way. This addresses the need to tackle the #UNIGNORABLE issue of education inequality and drop out rates.

The Show Your Local Love video is from the 2018 campaign, but is still relevant.  
This video tells the stories of three donors and three recipients who share the positive impact of their relationship through United Way. 

"I Gave"
Donor Recognition Card
A fun way for donors to recognize their contribution, these cards may be personalized and used for a donor recognition piece. 
Powerpoint Presentation Each year United Way produces a Community Impact Report.  This is a great reminder of the incredible generosity of individuals in our community. The report contains pictures, stories and stats about the many lives impacted by the generous gifts of United Way supporters. It also showcases the year round efforts that go into supporting people in need in our community.  The PowerPoint includes slides and notes from the Community Impact Report that can be adapted for use by anyone to help build understanding about United Way by sharing the results and demonstrating the impact of United Way.

United Way Regina Logo - Horizontal

The United Way Regina logo in horizontal format.

Balloon Pop Quotes


Thinking of hosting a balloon pop? Here is a set of quotes you can use in the balloons!

Social Media Graphics

What A Dollar Buys
Thank You
Save The Date  


Running a social media or internal digital piece to support your campaign? These images can be helpful to share how donations support your community, thank participants, and remind colleagues to Save the Date for an important event!

Campaign Stories

National Story - Melanie Regina
Finding Home Again
Bonding Over Books
 A Lesson in Empowerment
Taking Care of Yourself to Care for Others
Reading Between the Lines
Giving Back after Overcoming Hard Times
Inspiring Family to Give Back
From Poverty to Politics
Working Together for Community
Helping Teens Reach their Potential
Overcoming A Painful Past to Help Other
Overcoming Homelessness to Help Others

Interested in compelling stories to demonstrate the importance and value of a donation to United Way Regina?

This collection of stories share the impact donations to United Way have in your community. These personal stories demonstrate the tangible effect donating has on the lives of real people within the community, both for the donors and the program recipients.

2018 Leadership Booklet

The positive changes in our community are a direct result of the generosity of our donors; our Leadership booklet is one way we acknowledge our donors. 
  Campaign Forms

2020 Cash Sheet
Cash Sheet - Excel Version

This is the form needed for all monetary pick-ups; please complete one form for each pickup. Forms should be completed prior to your relationship manager arriving, to help reduce the time required for the pickup.  

2020 Corporate Donation Form

Is your corporation also contributing to your campaign? Great! Please complete this donation form, marking whether the funds are included or will be forthcoming. 

2020 Special Events Donation Form

This form outlines the funds collected from special events throughout your campaign. Please list each lottery-licenced event separately on the allotted lines; combine funds raised from non-licenced events into the one allotted line. *Please ensure to complete a Financial Report for each licenced event.  

Donation Form
FRENCH Donation Form

This is the 2019 United Way Regina Donation form.

2020 GCWCC CashSheet

This is the cash sheet to be used by Federal organizations running GCWCC campaigns.

2020 GCWCC Special Events Form

This is the special event fund tracking form to be used by Federal organizations running GCWCC campaigns.

Gaming Licences

External Licence Process - updated March 28, 2019

Gaming Licence Application - updated Jan 2020

Gaming Financial Report - updated Jan 2020

Running a Sports Pool? 50/50 Draw? Gift Basket Raffle
Apply for a gaming licence through United Way Regina and SLGA grants us an additional 25% of your total. 

2020 Securities Transfer Form

Donating securities is one of the many ways you can give to United Way. Recent changes to federal tax regulations make this type of giving more beneficial and efficient than ever before. Under new federal tax changes effective June 2006, you can donate appreciated securities to United Way without paying any capital gains tax. In addition, you receive a tax receipt for the value of the shares on the day United Way receives the security.  United Way encourages you to seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial advice before deciding upon your course of action.
Volunteer Package_2019 This package outlines the variety of volunteer and educational opportunities available to interested workplaces and groups. Each activity provides a new opportunity to learn about United Way Regina, its programs, and their impact on our community.  


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