Community Priorities


To be successful, independent adults, children need a good start in life. They need access to early literacy and development programs. Youth need positive school experiences during their middle years and quality mentoring relationships with adult role models – giving them opportunities to discover and develop their unique talents and interests.

United Way Regina believes we all have a part to play in helping kids be all they can be.
Together we can build a better equation for the future of our children and our community:
Kids + School x Caring Community = cradle to career success!



Poverty is a far-reaching, complex issue. It's also a lasting one. Once in the cycle of poverty, people find it extremely difficult to overcome and its hold can continue for generations.

United Way Regina invests in numerous programs across our city to give individuals and families the ability to stabilize, and avoid or move out of the cycle of poverty.
We are committed to ensuring access to immediate support for families and individuals in need or who face a crisis situation.



Our focus on healthy people, strong community is about improving the quality of life for all of us in Regina. Because when more families and individuals are stable and healthy - everyone in our community wins.

For United Way Regina that means ensuring low-income families have access to nutritious food. We help people create vibrant neighbourhoods, where residents experience a sense of safety and well-being. United Way remains committed to keeping the doors open to crisis services for those in need.

United Way Regina supports a host of programs and initiatives helping to improve the quality of life for all of us. Our work spans from supporting new immigrants; aiding those suffering from mental illness; to supporting community wide initiatives that reduce homelessness and poverty.

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