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Workplace Campaign

A workplace campaign is a great way to bring employees together around a common cause.  
Join the hundreds of organizations from Regina in building sustainable, long-term solutions to social issues in our community.

Getting started

We have developed resources to provide you with information to help you through every step of your campaign.  Included are tips, best practices, forms, templates, materials, videos and everything inbetween.  
These are all the necessary resources for coordinating a fun, educational, successful Workplace Campaign.



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What is a Workplace Campaign?

Every year, hundreds of organizations from all sectors particpate in a United Way workplace campign.  While the main goal of campaign is to generate sufficient resources to advance our mission of improving lives locally and building community, it also provides a unique opportunity to bring people together with a shared purpose, common focus areas and celebrate community leadership.

Regardless of the size of your organization, participation in a United Way workplace campaign is easy and rewarding.  You'll feel great knowing you've changed lives right here in our city!  
United Way Regina would love to meet with you in person to discuss available opportunities in greater detail.
For further information or to set up an appointment , please contact Kristin Gushuliak or call (306) 757-5671.




It's simple! Contact us & we'll get you started.

Taking on the role of campaign coordinator should be fun, and give you a chance to connect with colleagues in a new way.  
We want you to have a great experience.  
If you have any questions while reading the guide, or during the implementation of your workplace campaign, please call or email us.


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