Our Work

We change lives in Regina

Understanding the need

Learn about the three focus areas below:

Building Capacity

We engage and empower all sectors of our community to come together and share their experiences, expertise and energy.

The power of partnerships and collaborations multiples our impact and leads us to find progressive and lasting solutions.


Identifies, understands and addresses the root causes of the social issue we face.


Brings together the needed research, experts and resources.


Initiates and invests in programs that hold the most promise for long-term solutions.


Develops leaders and skills to strengthen the non-profit sector.


We support people and give them hope

Our promise is to make sure that your donation goes to where our community needs it most and where it will have the greatest impact in Regina.

Funded Partners

How we do it

We tackle tough problems. How? By researching to better understand the issues in our community, advocating for those who don't have a voice, funding and partnering with the most effective local organizations who create real opportunities and measuring the results.



We work to understand our city better. By working together we can improve the neighbourhoods in which we live.



United Way Regina's advocacy work encompasses the fostering of constructive relationships and mutual understanding among decision-makers and public policy makers.



We draw on vast expertise available in our community neighbourhoods and bring the right people, organizations and skills to the table to deal with specific issues.



Volunteer-led panels evaluate and make recommendations to fund the programs that create measurable and lasting impact.

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