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United Way believes that every child and youth in Regina deserves an equal opportunity to be all that they can be.

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We help kids move toward the brightest possible future by investing in four key areas.

Our Challenge

Our Work

45% of Regina's 33,000 student enter kindergarten not knowing numbers or letters

School Readiness

We support programs that ensure the youngest children in our community are ready to learn when they reach their first day of school.


26% of Regina's 33,000 student are not reading at grade-level by Grade Three

Grade Level Reading

We support programs ensuring children have access to literacy-rich learning opportunities. We support and lead initiatives that put books in the hands of children and create opportunities for children to read one-on-one to grow their literacy skills.


1500+ children in Regina don't have access to regular learning & one-on-one reading opportunities during the summer, they can experience the equivalent of up to two months' worth of skill loss.

Summer Learning Loss

Our Summer Success Initiative is a two-week literarcy camp for children at risk of not achieving Grade 3 reading level by Grade 3.


20% do not graduate Grade 12 on time

Attendance Matters

Kids aren't learning if they aren't in school. We support programs and initiatives that emphasize the importance of regular attendance an decrease barriers to kids attending school.


Our Impact

1,600 literacy kits were created and distributed to kids headed into summer

122 at-risk students improved their academic performance

32 teen parents completed Grade 12.

120 children maintained or improved their reading levels through our summer Success Literarcy initiative.

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