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Committed community volunteers are a vital part of the success of each non-profit or charitable organization in Saskatchewan. They take on many important roles that enrich our lives in Saskatchewan in multiple ways. But none is more crucial for an organization than the role played by individuals that commit to actively being involved as members of the organization.


United Way Regina is asking you to step up and register as a Member of our organization. To qualify for membership you simply have to self-declare that you meet one of the following criteria. In the past twelve months: you have contributed your time, skills, donations or service to United Way Regina or you are a Funded Partner that is receiving contributions from United Way Regina

Benefit of Membership

Once registered as a Member, you will have the important right to vote at meetings of Members. A typical meeting informs the Members about United Way Regina’s activities in the past twelve months, the financial health of the organization, and elects the Board of Directors. Other items that may be included on the agenda on an as needs basis are special resolutions to revise Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation or Charitable Objectives.

How to Become a Member

In order to submit your expression of interest in becoming a Member, please complete the registration below. By clicking "Yes, I wish to be a member" you indicate your expression of interest in becoming a member. Applications for United Way Regina Membership are governed by our bylaws which can be found on our website under accountability. Becoming a Member means that you agree to receive communications from us by various mediums (i.e. mail, email, etc.).

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To qualify for membership you must self-declare that you meet at least one of a list of criteria in the past twelve months.
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